9am – 10am Brain Start: Array Programming (S.B. Scholz)
10am – 11amGet the Grip: SAC (S.B. Scholz)
11am – 12pmGet Dirty: Array Programming in SAC (S.B. Scholz)
12pm – 2pm Lunch Break
2pm – 4pm Off Road: Advanced Topics (S.B. Scholz)
4pm – 7pm In the Guts: Hack-a-SAC
7pm – 11pm Chill-Out

9am – 10am Brain Start: Stream Processing (A. Shafarenko)
10am – 11amGet the Grip: A Gentle Introduction to S-Net (C. Grelck)
11am – 12pmGet Dirty: Writing Applications in S-Net (F. Penczek)
12pm – 2pm Lunch Break
2pm – 3pm Huddle: Participants’ Applications
3pm – 6pm Kick-Off: Hack On!
6pm – 10pm Night Hack

9am – 12pmHack-On!
12pm – 1pmFly-By Lunch
1pm – 5pm Hack-On!
5pm – 6pm Huddle: Experience and Feedback