Issue Tracking

All reporting and management of errors in the SaC project is done via our issue tracker (you will need to create an account for this).

Although we are not exactly happy about receiving error reports, they form an important mechanism to improve the correctness and robustness of our tools. We will do our best to react on error reports as timely and accurately as possible.

Depending on your involvement in the SAC project we ask for some collaboration that is summarised in the following list:

  • Provide the exact revision numbers of compiler and standard library.
  • Provide the failing source code as an attachment. If this is a single file, name it bugbug_no.sac.
  • Provide the exact compiler parameters used.
  • Provide a sufficient textual description of the erroneous behaviour, for example, copy and paste the terminal output.

In case your motivation to file a bug stems from the SAC compiler having generated a bug report for you, please follow these steps:

  1. Copy and paste the leading comment in the autogenerated bug report into SaC-Zilla as plain text.
  2. Submit the whole file with the autogenerated bug report as an attachment.

If you are a member of the team, you must go the extra mile: try to make the failing program as small, concise, and independent as possible.

  • Cut off all parts of the code that are irrelevant for the problem observed.
  • Remove use and import statements as far as possible.
  • Consider replacing standard library defined operations by their built-in counterparts wherever appropriate.
  • Experiment with varying optimisations enabled and disabled where appropriate.

Note: the more accurate you describe the bug, the quicker the someone else will be able to fix the problem.

Also consult the general error reporting guidelines in GitLab SaC project.